Thursday, 25 January 2007

Zoho and Omnidrive enhance your mobility and freedom

I wrote already a glowing report on web based office suite Zoho, and my favour towards this application is growing not only because of Zoho’s newly updated API, but chiefly since they have recently announced a very interesting partnership with the online storage company Omnidrive. This is another initiative carried out by Zoho after a 2006 dense of events.

The two companies, thanks to this intelligent move will expand their functionality and success. The main idea is based on the consideration that if your documents are stored online, you have to firstly download them and then you can view and/or edit them. This is in plain contrast with mobility work and confines online storage simply to a backup utility. This new solution corresponds to an enlargement of your HD and archives as users can store all of their Zoho Office suite files within Omnidrive - i.e. a safe and huge virtual storeroom - from which they will be able to easily retrieve any document by simply clicking it. Actually Omnidrive will immediately open the document with Zoho for editing.
Sharing and collaborative Zoho use is another feature which will be provided by the sharing features of Omnidrive. Moreover Omnidrive - that has recently released its new API - will offer a complete set of tools as to making and editing files both offline and online with perfect synchronisation feature you will be able to perform updates between desktop and/or Zoho and/or other locations - which is amazingly useful for mobile and team workers.
I compliment this partnership project - as many others in course at Zoho - as I deem any step towards mobility and portability very much welcomed, because it means more freedom and ability to follow your inspiration and creativity.

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