Monday, 15 January 2007

Quintura for Kids: web searches become easy

Quintura for Kids is a web based search engine specifically created for children use. Its interface, though a little slow to load, is a completely re-designed version of Quintura See & Find search engine. The children friendly interface uses a sort of cloud environment which helps the little users to carry pout their researches.
Kids can carry out researches in several pre-set fields like music, games, pets, TV by clicking on the drawing-like icons. Or they can just write in the search bar the term they need.
The main results, thank to Ajax development, appear displayed into a sort of cloud that surrounds the principal search word. Quintura has been developing this Ajax based search platform for a while and in fact its other installable search client software Quintura Search offers a visual map of tags and/or hints related to any of your search query. Normally you are allowed to add or reduce tags from the query just clicking. This One-Click-Search function lets you specify the context or meaning of the query.
Now, as to Quintura for Kids searches, this cloud approach can help the spelling/orthographical errors that little kids may commit. When the child clicks any on one of these search results he will be able to refine its search without typing... Kids are likely more expected to use the interactive tag cloud and navigate through the cloud to find information. Actually Quintura for Kids teaches kids mainly how to search within and through the cloud of related tags, words and phrases.
While the search goes on its related web sites/pages will be showed at the bottom in a separated centred window.
Apparently Quintura for Kids does not ensure its researches are protected from inappropriate material, nonetheless it is based on Yahoo Kids, which implies that its search results should be G-rated.

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