Saturday, 6 January 2007

Fantastic free on line slide shows with Slide!

Create slide shows using Slide free online service: it is easy and fast. Slide delivers digital content from any source directly to you according to your interests: images, text and video created by you or your friends, the Web's top news and entertainment sources, the blogosphere and the most popular online merchants: almost anything can be watched in Slide.

You can automatically share your latest photos with friends and family and add visual effects to your profile or blog. After you Sign up you go the first step page "Create a Slide Show" and from the everything is so intuitive.... tabs on the left will let you add an unlimited number photos from different sources.

  • Images from your computer. If you're using Internet Explorer, click on the "Try our easy uploader" link to download an Active X controller that will allow you to upload multiple images from your computer)
  • Photobucket: you can import your albums.
  • Flickr: you can select which set you'd like to import from the drop down menu.
  • Friendster: from your profile URL (works with both groups and profiles) and simply click "Get"
  • MySpace - from your profile URL just press the "Get" button
  • Image URL: you can add an image to your Slide simply searching and uploading the URL of a picture
You can edit, delete and rearrange images you have uploaded, changing their size, layout and position in the sequence. You can also customize your slide show by choosing among different themes, change the speed of transition and set the privacy level. You can also obtain a screensaver out of your favourite uploaded pictures.
Once you have completed your slide show you simply save it and you can upload and post it wherever you want (any website that allows you to embed Flash Objects) by selecting the destination URL; or you can copy the code and paste it to your website or blog template.
Slide also supplies some additional optional software to be downloaded and installed. This package contains:
Screensaver, with which you can enjoy your Slide Show in full screen in a variety of styles;
Desktop Player, which allows you to watch your Slide Shows on your Desktop;
Toolbar for Windows, to create a new Slide Show from your web browser;
Image Uploader for Windows, in order to make new Slide Shows from your camera's memory card or a CD-ROM.

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