Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Zoho powerful web based Writer

Zoho Writer is a very well conceived and developed WYSIWYG editing web application that allows you to create, edit and share documents.

This application gives you all the collaboration tools you would expect in an Ajax application, together with rich features useful - if not necessary - to both intermediate and professional users. I am sure that many bloggers would enjoy its possibility to straightforwardly link into accounts like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad and LiveJournal, and then to upload any current document as an article.
You can load your existing documents and thus import Microsoft Word (DOC), OpenOffice text (ODT and SXW), HTML, RTF, JPG, GIF and PNG files.

The application allows multiple users to work on a document simultaneously, accessing from anywhere and sharing documents avoiding heavy attachments. It generates PDF/DOC/ODT and therefore exports documents created in Zoho Writer as PDF, DOC, ODT, SXW, RTF, HTML and text files.
Zoho Writer is rich with a new templates gallery and allows amendments, comments and revisions, which is ideal for collaborative document editing and posting; and it seems to me more versatile and usable than Writely Google Docs.
Recently awarded as Forbes best Online Word Processors, I would not be surprised if Yahoo! will soon be interested in buying it out...
What is your your experience with web based editing? Do you find it still hard for you to renounce using your Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer?

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arvind said...

Thanks for using Zoho Writer and posting about it. Glad that you like Zoho Writer :-)

Do try the other Zoho services as well.