Wednesday, 24 January 2007

More screen space with WinArranger

Space on PCscreens is never enough, no matter how large is your monitor: I possess a 19" LCD, keep many windows open and regardless I always wish for more space...
WinArranger is a interesting application that allows you to optimise your screen space by rearranging your open windows in accordance with your needs. Its modest system requirements allow its use practically on every PC. Furthermore, it has neat and easy-to-use interface, customisable hotkeys and features several peculiar screen layouts which can not be normally satisfied.

WinArranger can work also on a multi-monitor basis, and can customise several windows and their layout per each monitor. This re-arrangement can be performed following three ordering modes: manual, by process, by title. WinArranger is endowed with shortcuts keys and can be set in order to flexibly follow your instructions by “Arranging” and/or “Re-arranging” and/or delete one or more of the windows from the screen.
WinArranger allows you to use your workspace in a more efficient way by arranging windows on your PC monitor in optimal way; you can download ad use it for free

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