Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Hey!Watch converts on line your videos

Hey!Watch produced by a French software house is a new free fully web based video converter application rich in tools that can allow developers via a REST API to integrate it into their web functionality.

With Hey!Watch you can upload video files to the service from a hard drive or just writing their URL, as well as using a RSS feed. Hey!Watch has also produced several bookmarklets and includes a Firefox plugin so that you can import a video directly from the web page you are reading.
The uploaded files can be converted to numerous video formats, so that when ready you can downloaded them on your PC. An interesting feature consists in a smart-RSS use: whenever you watch an online video you wish to store you just bookmarklet it and afterwards you will collect the file from the RSS feed (MPEG, iPod, or DVD format).
Definitely a must try!

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