Friday, 12 January 2007

No foreign keyboard problems with Gate2Home

Gate2Home is a very useful online onscreen keyboard emulator that allows you to write in any language wherever you are in the world. This is particularly interesting for people who travel and use PCs in foreign countries' Internet cafe' or similar public places. Now with Gate2Home travellers who have problems in writing or searching the Internet in their own language can easily and immediately type any special character or symbol that cannot be found on a foreign keyboard.

This problem might seem trivial for those who always travel with their laptops, but for tourists and non professional travellers, who normally check their email once a day to stay in touch with their family at home, this is a valuable piece of software.
With Gate2Home you can type anything you want in your language clicking the on-screen keyboard, you can also carry out searches with Google and WikiPedia in your language and also obtain some quick translation. Once you get what you need you just copy and paste it.
Try it you might find it very useful, unless you remember any ASCII code by heart...

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