Friday, 19 January 2007

Enhance your WinXP clock with Longhorn Systray Clock

Longhorn Systray Clock, is a free small utility that can change the look and add some useful features to the clock in runtime. Since Longhorn was announced, may developers have started to release "Longhorn looking" applets, and this one is one of the most successful.

Win XP clock is uneasy to read and has no customising options. Longhorn Systray Clock is pretty customisable via the applet in the Control Panel. You can actually change font and the metrics of the clock, by also setting the AM/PM indicator and weekday names. You can change color and position of numbers and letters, as well as give them some kind of shadows. Longhorn Systray Clock project has been going on since 2004, its developer works together with a rich forum of visitors and all the best suggestions coming from this forum have been time by time included already in the new versions. Useful feature is the timed reminder, as Longhorn Systray Clock also comes with a simple but configurable popup calendar that opens when the systray clock is clicked. In addition you have several skins to set up and that you can easily change.

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