Monday, 22 January 2007

Habari: the newest blogging platform

embodies a bright opening to the world of blogs. Its structure is swift, simple and customisable so more expert users will enjoy tuning Habari, as well as beginners will easily be introduced to the world of blogging. Habari – it means news in Swahili - is developed in PHP5 completely object oriented (with PHP Data Objects - PDO), full ATOM protocol and AJAX support. You can choose your SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite).

Habari allows users to produce plug-ins in order to perform any routine. From the graphic standpoint Habari is endowed with a versatile theme management system that allows compatibility with the most diffused template options.
If you want to deepen your knowledge about Habari I suggest you to join its discussion group, you will also be able receive assistance and to follow up its development and make suggestions. #habari on is an open channel for general Habari discussions. In case you wish to participate in the development process, you will be welcomed at the development group as Habari is a community-driven project inspired at the Apache Software Foundation's meritocratic approach based on quality i.e. contribution is compensated by amplifying your opportunities within the project.

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