Monday, 29 January 2007

Re-installing Operating System made easy with Driver Collector

Driver Collector is an incredibly useful tool that searches and collects all currently installed drivers on your computer. This means that whatever hardware you have installed on your machine its driver will be copied into a folder which will be of capital importance if and when you want/need/must reinstall windows.

I hope you will never have to re-install an operating systems as this is a very delicate and painstaking process that also implies you searching through all those old floppys, CDs and DVDs that were in the box of each piece of hardware you initially and from time to time bought. Video card, mother-board, sound-card, modem etc. - you will have to search for them all and consequently you will have to browse through the internet for their newest version. Ultimately Driver Collector will help you to re-install Windows on your computer and even though I usually make a copy of each latest drivers I install, I feel safer with this application; you never know...

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