Friday, 26 January 2007

Stickies: the best Post it reminder

Stickies is a very useful free PC utility that will eliminate your Post-It notes you usually leave everywhere on your desk and monitor, being actually their a computer version.
You write it, you stick it on your desktop and they stay there until you erase them. When a Stickies comes up, if you wish to have a reminder, you can associate it to a sound as a reminder. Stickies is tiny and easy and will not interfere with your system and running programs. No fancy: just yellow little windows where you can write down your text notes. Of course if you wish you can customise their size, fonts, colours and buttons.

A good Stickies feature is the possibility to attach a message to a document or a web site or a folder and the message will come out when this is open. Once more interesting feature is the possibility to move the Stickies over a TCP/IP network connection or SMTP mail server or MAPI client (groups and mailing lists are supported) as well as to and from your Palm or PPC PDA.
The last version of Stickies (release 6.0a) can be downloaded for free, I would give it a try if I were you!

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