Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Faster Windows taskbar with Visual Task Tips

Visual Task Tips is a free tiny utility for Windows XP that provides a thumbnail preview image in Windows Taskbar for each window you are working on. Its looks and functionality is the same you will be using in Microsoft Windows Vista.

The application itself is a very easy to install and use and is a great substitute of the famous sequential “Alt-Tab” combination when you are looking for the right window. I am sure you know what I mean… You only have to hover your mouse over a taskbar item and you will see a small snapshot of the Window, being this a minimized folder, an application or one/group web page. You can also scroll your mouse wheel up or down on the miniaturised image in order to size it.
However some applications such as Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player, Autodesk 3DS Max, Java applications draw themselves in unusual ways to improve performance; apparently this is not a flaw but they are not harmful for your computer.
Ultimately I find Visual Task Tips useful and light, and after a while you will be wondering how did you do without it in the past..

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