Thursday, 1 February 2007

Animated presentations with Pie & Donut charts

Statistics charts are widely used in any presentation, memo and report. Whatever is your profession or trade, most likely you will have to arrange figures and statements and make them accessible and understandable. Pie & Donut charts is very interesting and useful fully configurable Adobe Flash Player charting application. It will allow you to produce professional looking 3D or 2D animated pies charts on your blog and web page/site.

Building the chart with Pie & Donut is easy since you can import data from Excel (XML or CSV fromat are supported) and the charts will not slow down your web page upload as the files seldom reach 20 Kb. Plus you can dynamicly generate data file with PHP, ASP, .NET or other programming language.
Obviously you can configure every detail of your Pie & Donut chart such as all colours, size of a flash movie, pie radius and lean angle, put labels and legenda. You can also insert a background image in JPG or an animated flash (SWF format).
You can download and use Pie & Donut chart for free. The only limitation of free version is that a small link to this web site will be displayed in top left corner of your pies.

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