Friday, 5 January 2007

Fast online PDF, Postscript and Word file viewer

What happens if you are using somebody else's PC which is not equipped with Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office Word/Open Office Writer and want to open an important attachment you have just received from your office or client? Well there is a solution provided by a Swedish company: a very neat and minimal online viewer for PDF, PostScript files and Word documents
With this SamurajData application you can view PDF, PostScript and Gzipped PostScript as browsable images and Word documents as web pages. You just need to give it a URL on the web or a file resident on the machine you are using and the viewer will retrieve the document and show it to you. You will also be able to rotate the images and browse through multiple pages PDFor PostScript documents.

This application will not affect the PC you are using, since no plug in software is required to be installed and for free. The viewer software is open source; licensed under the GNU Public License and actually, if you wish to, you can get its latest version 0.3.
Another demonstration that you do not need to be fancy to perform a good and useful job!

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