Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Spresent: Web Based Presentations

There are alternatives to Microsoft Power Point when it comes to presentations, slideshows and easy animations.
Naturally you can rely on Impress the presentation software embedded in Open Office Suite, but if you are looking for a web based application, well you might be surprised of how many nice applications are available in the web!
Personally I prefer Spresent, a rich and powerful application, endowed with an easy drag and drop captivating interface. Templates, cliparts and pictures are available and the only limit you will have is your fantasy...

Users can profit of very interesting tutorials, videos, demos and manuals that guide them through all the features of Spresent.
A very rich and active Forum provides information, comments, help and advice for both beginners and experts.
Try it out and send me comments; or if you have better alternatives I would be very pleased to know about them since presentations are an important part of my job.

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