Friday, 22 December 2006

Xolo.TV: is this the future of Blogs?

Xolo.TV is an online platform where people can create their very own TV channel and enabling users to instantly receive and watch other shows. Xolo people think that the irreversible breakthrough of broadband internet and fast multimedia computers enables the internet to serve as it was meant to: a global media publishing platform without boundries.
According to Xolo.TV that the reach of traditional media like newspapers, radio and tv, has been declining significantly for the last two years and that audiences are looking for more and different media in tune with their personal needs, regardless of time and place.
The basic concept for Xolo.TV is that consumers are more and more in control of their media consumption, a development that exposes the constraints of the mainstream media publishing and advertising.
Xolo.TV has chosen to be in the middle of this media shift and services both consumer and business markets with comprehensive and engaging media solutions.
To see the platform in action you can watch some results of Xolo Media Agency, which is the advertising department of Xolo Holding BV. The Xolo Media Agency, conceptualises and produces interactive formats for businesses and services medium sized to large (internationally operating) corporations that consider truely empowering their mediamix. Xolo.TV was hired by BMW to cover the AMI Autoshow in Leipzig, Germany, producing its daily video podcasts. The reporting included MINI specific features, web video collaborations, an international 'MINI Moment' vlog contest and impressions of other products at the AMI Autoshow.
Again Xolo.TV also vlogged the last weekend of the MINI Challenge in Salzburg, Austria. Reporting was done by Gabe Bauer and affiliate German vlogger Alex Koellner of
I suggest to keep an eye on this platform, since it seems rich of future developments...

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