Wednesday, 27 December 2006

PXN8 online image editing

PXN8 is an online image editor with a user interface developed by an Irish company with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) which are available by default on all modern web browsers. Actually every Photo web service is different, but they all need integrated seamless editing applications that does not require users to download and install software.
So PXN8 (you read it Pix-an-ate...) users can edit photos without downloading and installing any additional software; thus Uploading, Editing and Sharing photos becomes a seamless user experience that sets PXN8 website apart and becomes a sort of an interactive environment.
Once you get to its home page you can choose to edit an image stored on your computer or camera - as well enter its web address - just browsing and uploading the picture you want to edit.

You can edit any image on the web using a bookmarklet to Import to PXN8. You just have to Drag and drop the bookmarklet onto your browser's Links toolbar then when you are viewing a web page with photos, you can edit any photo by clicking the 'Import to PXN8' button in your 'Links' toolbar.
Once you select and upload your image you can edit it using several tools. Apart from select one and all, you can zoom in and out, you can "
Enhance" the photo by fixing noisy and/or flat colourless photos and smoothing facial lines. With "Fill Light" you can fix underexposed pictures by adding light. Before printing you can Crop your picture by choosing the printing area and thus avoid disappointing size/print problems. You can "Resize" your picture in accordance with your needs. The "Rotate" tool allows you to turn and flip your vertical or horizontal pictures. When your pictures are not perfectly aligned you can re-align them using the "Spirit Level" tool. Finally you can eliminate the famous "red-eye" effect, whiten some areas (your smile for instance...) and change a picture in black and white or add/reduce colours.
In addition to these traditional tools, PXN8 gives you another toolbar called "
Fun Effects". Its tools allow you to "Blur", make a "Snow" effect or "Lomo", or even an "Interlace" (the picture will look like a TV screen). You can also add colour "Filters" to give to the picture a different atmosphere.
PXN8 is very intuitive, you will find interesting to browse and experiment it and immediately you will also be able to use it in a few minutes.

By the way, for those who might be interested, PXN8 is also designed to be integrated and customized in web sites and portals (naturally this is not freeware..). Using HTML and CSS you can change the editor's user interface to suit your own website's identity. Two sample themes are provided to get you started.
PXN8 can be customized using any web programming language (PHP, JSP and many others). Sample themed editors are provided as both PHP and JSP pages. The Pixenate Toolbar is the simplest and most convenient way to integrate Pixenate into your photo website. Once you've installed Pixenate (PXN8) on your webserver, just copy and paste a snippet of javascript code into any photo page and your users can edit the photo in place. The Pixenate Toolbar makes adding photo-editing to your site as easy as adding Google Adsense and other Web Widgets. If you want to take customization beyond simple appearance changes, the User interface behaviour can be customized using javascript hooks/callbacks into PXN8's javascript API. The sample themes provide examples of how to do just that.
PXN8 was developed and tested on both Linux (Slackware 10.0 and RedHat EL 3) and Windows (Windows 2000 and Windows XP professional). PXN8 requires that Perl is installed on your server. A commercial version of Perl for Windows is available from ActiveState. PXN8 server software runs on platforms Linux, Windows (Apache & IIS), FreeBSD and supports Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 6.0 with Javascript enabled. To make sure that PXN8 will run on your web server download its Server Compatibility Kit, unzip and upload to your webserver

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