Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Openserving blogging platform

(hosted by Wikia) extends the essence of the open source model, i.e. free software and content, to all aspects of web-based computing. Sing up with Openserving and you will be able to set up your own collaborative blogging site. This means that all articles and posts will be sorted democratically and, best of all… you keep 100% of the ad revenue for yourself.

Openserving is trying to expand the open source approach, but its service is very peculiar, since it links community blogs with a sorting process that resembles DIGG's system: only votes can identify which post can be published in the Openservingfront page; and the winner takes it all since most accepted articles will get the entire ad revenue for his/her posts.

Although I agree, that probably there are already so many platforms for blog creation and maintenance, I deem that
Openserving is somewhat different, especially if you are more inclined to community blogging and interested in earning some little profit with your articles.

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