Thursday, 21 December 2006

Professional Virtual Office

Contact Office S.A. is an European software publisher specialized in virtual office solutions in ASP that has developed a very neat, fast and secure Professional Virtual Office, a set of interconnected tools that centralize organizational, communication and collaboration data, accessible through different channels at any time. A truly online application, Virtual Office can always be accessed by the end user via the Application Service Provider (ASP) model. The application can be used through a simple Web browser, without any other specific software installed (plug-ins, etc.).

With this web application you can easily manage your emails, contacts, meetings, documents, tasks, calendar in your Virtual Office from any computer. In addition you can also share your data and access shared data efficiently in the context of work or leisure groups.Your data are safe and available anytime on the Web, on a PDA (online or offline) or on a WAP capable cell phone. Virtual office uses temporary 256-bit cookies to control and manage access; they are automatically deleted when session ends. You can connect to the virtual office with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption: all data exchanged between our servers and your compuer will be encrypted. When idle for some time, the virtual office automatically closes. You can set the number of minutes (between 1 and 120) of idle time .
You can sign-up and follow one of these plans:
  • Individual version, 1 user, No data sharing, Standard interface, Standard subscriptions. (free)
  • Group version, from 2 users, Data sharing, Standard interface, Standard subscriptions. (5/month)
  • Customized version, from 20 users, Data sharing, Customized interface, Customized subscriptions. (10/month)
  • Education version, from 1000 users, Data sharing, Customized interface, Customized subscriptions. (50/month)
Web interface is the most friendly and complete. Intuitive interface in English, French and Dutch and online help. All the typical office tools are present and you can set all access rights and settings.
With Messages you automatically benefit from reliable antivirus and antispam filters. You can send the same message by email, fax and/or SMS, plus gather all your email addresses (POP3, Hotmail, MSN and Lycos) in a single interface that you can access everywhere. If you wish, you can use your own domain name for your primary email address.
Calendar allows you to invite people to meetings, forum, chat and do the follow-up online.You can get your daily agenda by SMS, at the selected time and be reminded by email and/or SMS for specific events (appointments, deadlines, etc.).
Address book can be full of contact data, IM addresses, picture, personal comments and access map plus can send automated data review requests to your contacts and create mailing lists (email, fax, SMS).
In Documents you can store all types of documents online, access your online documents easily from a special folder on your operating system desktop (Windows, Macintosh, Linux): drag and drop, opening and saving from the folder, etc.
Tasks allows you to manage your personal tasks by priority.
With Notes you can reate notes and find them back quickly. Use notes to store information too simple to be stored in Documents.
Bookmarks stores your bookmarks online to access them from any computer - Import and export features work with all Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
A specific lighter interface was designed for Web browsers on PDA or smartphones (Pocket Explorer, Blazer, etc.). WAP interface offers the most essential features for access from a WAP capable phone. The service offers the possibility of Private data in main tools synchronisation with Outlook, Palm, PDA, etc.

Virtual Office means no investment, no hardware, no software to buy, no installation, no configuration, no updates. Perhaps it is worth trying it...

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