Thursday, 14 December 2006

Skype 3 or iCall ?

Finally Skype 3 has been released and it has some fixes and enriched features like sharing contact groups, it integrates Skypecasts, although their quality still leaves much to be desired.

How could we do without Skype? Last spring people I know have even cut off their land line and started relying only on free Skypeout VoIP for their calls. Actually this was too hazardous, since unfortunately it seems that the Free SkypeOut calling special offer is almost over... In fact Skype is issuing a $14.95/year unlimited US and Canada SkypeOut calling, but this offer is available until the end of January 2007, then it will raise to $29.95.

So I said it is time to look around and see if I can find something else suitable; and so far I have found iCall, same service i.e. free outgoing calls to the US and Canada, while to other countries they charge low international
rates. Free incoming calls from anywhere in the world, since they have free inbound access numbers in almost every US area code. And also a free personalized voicemail, which is good since other providers charge several dollars a month for voicemail service.

What is your experience with iCall or with other VoIP providers? Please let me and our readers know.

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