Sunday, 24 December 2006

Host your images with Thumbq

I know there are so many similar services, but I wish point out to you Thumbq, a quick unlimited image hosting application that makes uploading and sharing images very easy.

Thumbq makes available very pretty galleries, fine slide shows but above all has probably the simplest interface to upload and manage your images. With Thumbq you can host and link images, and freely run nice galleries and slide shows on your own web page. Thumbq generates a unique URL for all your images and collections, and as to safety and privacy policies Thumbq does not make this public and cannot be accessed by anyone unless you share your the links. Thumbq supports the the most common image file: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif, tiff.
As a registered user, you can keep track of your uploads, view statistics of each image, Add/Edit captions to your uploaded images, create your own image collections or sets and share them. When you upload, you just go to Thumbq homepage, you can select up to ten different images to upload. So once you have selected your images, by simply clicking the "Upload" button you will start the upload process. However there are some restrictions: you are allowed to upload no more that ten image files at once and each of them cannot exceed 5 MB.
You can also link your images hosted on Thumbq. Thumbq generates thumbnails of various sizes for you to use, then on the 'links' pages, you'll be presented with a number of thumbnails and linking codes for each of them. You only have to insert the code into your web page, that will display the chosen thumbnail and when clicked, will be taken to the original image. Beware Thumbq creates 'thumbnails' or smaller versions of your images of various sizes for you to use at your convenience, nonetheless the original image is retained and the thumbnails link to the original image. Standard thumbnails link directly to the the original image hosted on Thumbq, while the transitional thumbnail loads the image on your web page itself, with some transition effects. Transitional thumbnails make use of Javascript and will not work on forum, message boards that do not accept HTML and tag.
Thumbq enables you to create collections or sets, to which you can add chosen images and display/share together (no more than 25 images per collection). Once you log-in the "Create collection" link on your account page will take you directly to the collection creator. It is very easy: the left pane will list all your images, and you have to "Drag and Drop" images from the left pane to your new collection pane on the right.
The gallery function provides a finer and nicer view of your pictures; actually the viewer is automatically presented with a 'Slide show' when you have more than one pic.
I believe that almost every function on Thumbq is pretty intuitive, after using it for a little while you will master it...

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