Monday, 18 December 2006

Cooliris Preview: efficient browsing

I have been using this, among the other Firefox extension, for quite a while and I find it very useful: Cooliris Previews, which has reached its version 2.1, lets you view links without having to click or leave the page you are on, thus making it easy to navigate through multiple links quickly and easily, without wasting time opening and closing unwanted or unsuitable pages.

To install and customise it is very easy and quick, with specific tutorials for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Flock and Safari . Within Firefox you have to go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Cooliris Previews -> Preferences. Here you can customize how you want to initiate Previews (with four different options). Mouseover Icon which is selected by default inserts a Cooliris icon to the right of previewable links. Once you mouse-over the icon, you can see the preview. With Mouseover in order o preview a link, you simply rest your mouse over the link. You can also customize the time it takes for the preview to appear by specifying the 'Preview Open Delay' in milliseconds. Mouseover + Ctrl in this option to preview a link just press control and then rest your mouse over the link. If yo set on Click, then in order to preview a link just click it once: instead to navigate to the page you will need to double-click the link.
If you enable Previews for a site, it will stay enabled for that domain, so the next time you visit, Previews is automatically on. Similarly, if you disable Previews for a site, it will remain disabled. To enable Previews for all sites, you must choose 'Default Enable' from the Preferences menu. To disable Previews for all sites, you need to choose 'Global Disable' from the Preferences menu.

But other features make Cooliris Previews also ideal for extending your search capabilities: select a word in the web page you are browsing/reading and simply right click, Cooliris shortcut menu opens and takes you directtly one to these four different searches:
I suggest you to start using Cooliris Previews, you will not regret: your web browsing will become more efficient.

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