Sunday, 17 December 2006

Yugma unified online collaboration

Online meetings are demonstrated to enhance efficiency, reduce overheads, and create sales. Yugma is a word from Sanskrit meaning the state of being in unified collaboration. But Yugma is also a steadfast and secure free web conferencing service that enables individuals to immediately connect over the internet and to work in partnership using any application or software, using both Windows and Mac (and soon Linux). Even newcomers to online meetings can begin or be present at an online meeting in a few seconds. Even unplanned meetings can now take place with your laptop and browser. This means improved prospects for collaborative and group-work computing. Both professionals and companies can connect immediately with customers, prospects or workers anywhere. For instance you will be able to perform tenders, product demos, teaching and training, lead projects, remote support and troubleshooting,

Yugma can be thus considered as an online conference and teamwork virtual venue that provides total encryption; it also allows you to host meetings on your own internal servers and choose/manage shared or read-only document controls, this is the reason why Yugma sounds perfect for both public and private chatting.

Yugma offers universal, cross-platform application sharing with complete security protection (adapting to organizational security models like AD or LDAP) making possible and easy efficient collaborative online meetings. Yugma offers shared server-based environments based on project groups and shared project space so you can share data online/offline.

I think we should give Yugma a chance within our research and working groups and see how is its performance and safety; if they keep what they promise we all ought to see increased our productivity and cost savings due to our very frequent online meetings. Do you use any similar application, if so I am sure that our readers, as well as myself, would like to know more about it.

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