Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Adobe Acrobat 8 update ?

I don't know abut you, but I am still sceptic as to update to Adobe Acrobat 8. I have read and heard a lot about it in these last few weeks, nonetheless the jungle of contradictory opinions are still not able to clarify whether this new Adobe edition is worth using or not.

As a matter of fact I have to admit I have always updated my Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 to its newer releases, up to 7.0.8, and I had no problems at all. Regardless this time it seems that Adobe has tried to push too hard onto our PC resources (especially RAM) and probably for nothing. In fact I wonder what are actually the feature that the average user, and perhaps also the experts, exploits out of his/her Acrobat...

On the other hand, I have installed Adobe Digital Editions and tried it with some free ebooks available from Adobe e-library. Adobe Digital Editions allows you to work online/offline and read and manage eBooks as well as other digital publications. It is light (2,5 Mb), embeds Flash Player 9 and is based on rich Internet application (RIA) supporting also PDF and XHTML-based content. Has anybody used it as yet? It seems very promising, doesn't it?

I am open to read any comments and opinions on this Adobe Acrobat 8 issue, and even more curious about PC users and professionals' experiences with the use of this controversial, certainly useful but often somewhat heavy software.

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