Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Be video-updated with Mobuzz.tv

Mobuzz.tv, is a Spanish based company who has developed a new way of making and spreading news. With its daily magazine, celebrity interviews, cyber news, and a variety of other features, Mobuzz.tv strives to keep you informed and entertained.

Mobuzz.tv wants to raise of the current type of vlog. Mobuzz.tv does not simply re-adapt conventional TV programming and place it on a mobile channel. Its creative process starts with the mobile phone as a TV device, not with a simply fix TV set. The idea is that with conventional TV both the spectator and media are stationary, while with Mobuzz.tv the spectator and the media are mobile, and above all interactive.
As to content Mobuzz aims at producing a frequent highly structured set of daily informative clips. As to format since Mobuzz.tv is accessible online, it is specifically formatted for use on a mobile phone. While changing the concept of the vlog in these ways, it is still important for Mobuzz to maintain the interactive aspect of the vlog, allowing its registered users' comments on programs and so adapt them to their tastes.
However a 30' show on a mobile phone from a regular news provider will use all your batteries and the quality of the images would be leaving a lot to be desired. Mobuzz.tv is instead specially customized for your mobile phone, with bite size 3' minute programs, and content specially filmed for a small screen. Daily content is set up for the new generation of mobile users: with the Mobuzz.tv format you can download episodes either as they’re released daily or from our archives, so that you can watch what you want, when you want, where you want.

So Mobuzz.tv makes mobile V.O.D. a reality: you can watch Internet to network news, or check on the latest trends and information; even blogs and updates on current events, can be viewed away from your computer. Mobuzz.tv gives on a daily basis new stories of interest to a globally-minded generation and just on the palm of their hands.
Mobuzz.tv files are compatible with WMV Windows, Quicktime, iPod, PSP, Mobile and soon High Def. Finally the Daily Buzz feed is updated daily (Monday through Friday)and can be delivered via RSS and iTunes and or via email.

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