Saturday, 30 December 2006

ExpressPDF great online PDF conversions

ExpressPDF is an great online free service provided by a French Software company that allows you to convert Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets to PDF. You can also customise your PDF file settings by choosing its output quality among Screen Optimised, eBook Optimised and Print Optimised.

Its use is easy and quick. You just upload the document wish to convert by simply browsing and selecting it in your PC, you give ExpressPDF your email address and you will be notified once the conversion has been completed so that you can collect your PDF file. Your email address can be used only to send you an email with instructions to download your converted document and to send you a message with any error messages concerning the document you submitted to the service.
Another very interesting feature of ExpressPDF is the possibility of converting entire web pages! In this case you write down the URL of the page you wish to print (for now you can convert them one by one, but they promise to allow in the future also batch conversions). You can opt here for different Paper Sizes among A4 (the European standard page corresponding more or less to a Letter page), Letter, A3 (which is double size of an A4) and legal. Moreover you can choose your page layout between portrait and landscape, and again you can select the output quality among Screen Optimised, eBook Optimised and Print Optimised.
Privacy is considered a major issue by ExpressPDF: they declare to respect the privacy of their users and will not monitor, edit, or disclose any personal information about them and/or their documents submitted for conversion to PDF format, unless such action is necessary to comply with legal process and protect the legal rights of the provider or protect the interests of users for the service or others.
A great service, no doubt! Well actually - for the sake of completion - I must add that there is a limitation, since each file size cannot exceed 20MB, but I challenge you to write such a large .DOC or .XLS file...!!

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