Sunday, 11 February 2007

Newest release from Zoho: Notebook

People at Zoho have in preparation a new release; Notebook! This online application is already successful, With Notebook you can gather and create multiple types of content that can easily be shared (You will be able to opt for sharing an a part or the whole notebook) with others.

As usual its interface is very simple, and Zoho Notebook will solve all your problems in managing multiple sources of information (desktop, e-mail, websites, applications etc.).
Thanks to Zoho Notebook you will only have one single environment in order to access and share all those information that are important for you. You can quickly use “add” buttons in order to add any text, graphics, photos, audio, video, RSS feeds and documents
Zoho Notebook is a sort of midway between Google Notebook and Microsoft OneNote enriched with web 2.0 collaborative approach. Clearly you can import/export Notebook pages from other applications such as Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet.
Zoho Notebook is perfectly Skype-integrated for instant chat and IP telephony and has a Firefox and IE plug-in.

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