Friday, 2 February 2007

Draw and produce mechanical parts with eMachineShop

I was very much impressed by eMachineShop an e-business where at the click of a mouse you can order custom machine parts! This is a extraordinary new web-service that allows users to create mechanical custom parts. eMachineShop solves the problem of getting mechanical parts by providing free CAD downloadable software so that the customers can draw or import from an existing file from their CAD program and also budget the price and order the part they have designed via the Internet.

Ordered parts can be for cars, bikes, aircraft, musical instruments, watercraft, optical devices, sensors, models, nameplates, electronic devices, enclosures, clocks, machinery, engines, furniture, games, jewellery, jigs, telecom, lighting, medical devices, photographic devices, robots, sculptures, sound equipment, sporting equipment, tooling, toys, and more.
eMachineShop is an online alternative to a machine shop: your parts will be machined and delivered from 1 to 1 million units.
At eMachineShop they do not review designs; however they encourage users to download their free software in order to determine whether eMachineShop can meet their needs. A list of productable machines is available and users can also specify special requirements using "Comments to the Machinist", and in case they are unsure about the feasibility of the required job eMachineShop will not accept a job we can't properly manufactured and/or require the customer authorization for a price adjustment.

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