Saturday, 3 February 2007

Restore stuck LCD pixels with JScreenFix

JScreenFix is a useful application that can fix your PC, PDA and Mobile Phone LCD screen stuck pixels. Stuck pixels - brilliant point of colour (green, red, etc.)visible while the whole display is black – sometimes happen on LCD screens and they may function again. In case they look black on a white background, they are considered instead dead pixels.

JScreenFix acts on each colour component independently and un-coordinatedly, by random on-off cycles at up to 60/tps, so pixels are repaired via resonance and reiteration. The process takes less than 20 minutes, is very much effective and not too demanding on the screen's power supply circuitry. The final outcome is an increase in contrast and normalisation of colour levels in plasma and LCD screens.
JScreenFix has several different versions available for LCD, TV and more, but it does not work on CRT screens. JScreenFix is free, and by the by viewing the screen while running JScreenFix is not recommended.

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